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Huna is a self-taught tattoo artist. His introduction to tattooing at 13 years young was doing backyard jobs on relatives and JB’s, using a homemade tattoo machine which consisted of a Discman motor, Nokia charger, and a toothbrush.
As his interest and knowledge grew and developed, he shared his artistic views teaching at community youth groups and often was invited by the city councils to design murals throughout the region.

A man of not many words, it is through the art of tattooing and designing he communicates and expresses what words cannot say.

Huna specializes in the script, black and grey, fine line work and micro-tattoos.
With two decades of first-class hands-on experience and exposure to many different styles of tattooing, Huna’s main focus is to do amazing tattoos to help those feel good

Instagram: hunatattoos

Tattoo by Huna

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