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Lan Hilz

Since the beginning of my career I have studied Traditional Japanese tattoos. Whereas many Japanese inspired artists have drawn on Western influences, I have focused on traditional imagery and stories.

Much of the inspiration for creating my tattoos can be attributed directly to the source of Japanese tattoos. Namely, the woodblock prints and content from the Edo Period, as well as having a greater focus on the importance of learning traditional background (Mikiri) in Japanese tattoos.

Ukiyo-e artists and Painters of the Edo-period such as Yoshitoshi, Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, Yoshitsuya, Kyosai, Osen, Soga Shohaku, Kano Hogai, Kano Kazunobu are major influences on my designs and tattoos.

I look forward to honouring and continuing a tradition of Japanese tattooing in Sydney.

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Tattoos By Ian Hilz

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