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Kuro Olmo

Kuro Olmo is a versatile artist originally from Spain, born in 1985 with a pencil in hand.

As a teen in the late 90s, he started working as an illustrator in the underground comic book scene, followed by exhibitions in art galleries, professional mural art, graphic design, and other visual arts.

Thirsty to experience new sectors of art, still unknown to him, he delved into the fascinating underworld of tattooing in 2013.

Since then, he has lived as a nomadic artist tattooing Europeans, Americans, and now Australians. Currently based in Sydney.

Kuro enjoys tattooing his flash sheets as well as customized designs in a wide range of styles, his favorite genres being New School and Illustration Look-Alike.

Instagram: kuro.olmo

Tattoo by Kuro Olmo

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