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Hunter has been tattooing since 2016. All tattoo by hand poke

“It’s the oldest and simplest form of tattooing, it’s literally just a needle and ink, but it has become more prominent recently just as an alternative form of tattooing. It’s good to see that people are becoming more open to it and giving it the same respect as machine tattoos. For a while there, it got a bad name from people doing it themselves, but the reality is, if you go to a professional you’re going to get a professional result. I’ve done an apprenticeship the same as what any machine artist would have.

The general feeling is that it’s significantly less painful. But everybody’s skin is different and everybody’s nerves are different. I’ve had some people that have found it less pleasant than being tattooed by a machine but I’d say 99 percent of people say it’s significantly less painful than being tattooed by a machine.”


IG: hellohuntertattoo

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