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Clint Bautista

Originating from the “Pearl of the Orient”, known as the cradle for talented people in South East Asia, Clint’s love of the artistry started from a young age being ringed by both musicians and artists alike.
Having a tattooed father and older siblings, and having a muso mother, Clint has always been surrounded by the enigmatic arts and creative individuals. Scribbling dragons at the back of his textbooks and notebooks at a young age, he was always meant to pursue the mystifying art of tattooing.
Clint started his art journey in the Philippines doing Fine Arts major in Advertising and finished his degree on Fine Arts Major in Painting and Drawing at the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts. His masterfulness and interest in the arts is strong and genuine.
He has participated in various exhibitions and live art battles across Sydney and has been commissioned to do paintings and drawings that large companies have used for their interest such as book cover illustrations and private use.
Commencing his professional tattooing career on 2012, he has spent most of his time in tattoo studios across Sydney merging and honing his love for the craft for around 7 years now. Learning and enhancing his expertise from the talented creative individuals he have encountered along the way and gets his inspirations from the legendary prolific men and women of the industry.
He loves doing just about any kind of art in any kind of medium but has immersed himself in the Art of Tattooing for the past 7 years. Clint can do and enjoys just about any style of tattoos from the bright and bold Traditional Americana, the powerful and timeless ancient Japanese style, the soft and hard Black and Gray, to the modern styles of Coloured and Black and Gray Realism, the contemporary Neo-Traditional and the Mystic Sacred Geometry, Mandala and Ornamental dotwork. And ETC.
He achieves clean and stunning tattoos in every job that he does that would surely endure the test of time.

Instagram: gypsyeyestattoo


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