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Amazing black work by colour tattoo by Mac Campbell

We are so excited to announce that Mac Campbell is now a resident artists at Tattoo Movement.

Mac’s artwork is bold and unique and is truly something special to see.

To understand Mac’s tattoos, you have to understand the enigma that is Mac Campbell. Mac is a young artist who grew up in Western Sydney after immigrating to Australia from New Zealand. A tortured artist, demonised by the quest to create a simplistic style of art based on everyday things. Mac has spent the last year drawing and painting for up to 10 hours day, 7 days a week perfecting his craft!

Mac does not reference books or the internet when creating his masterpieces, instead he views nature and has an uncanny ability to see items as simple images.

Mac’s tattoos are as flawless as his beautifully crafted paintings. He is an amazing artist, who is on the cusp of becoming world famous for his unique style of tattoos.

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I love to create. I love to tattoo. I love art. This is my life

Mac Campbell
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