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Amazing Traditional colour tattoo by Scott

This is a one shot, solid traditional tattoo by Scott Eastlake.

Traditional tattoos are characterised by bold lines, solid colour and a simplified interpretation of everyday objects. this style of tattooing was made popular in the 1960’s, and was the standard style of tattooing for sailor and servicemen.

This is one of our favourite styles of tattooing, as they are timeless and classic. The solid lines and deep colour saturation guarantee that this tattoo will stand the test of time for years to come.

Scott’s client is a seasoned traveller and wanted to commemorate his love for the skies and travelling by creating an original tattoo. Scott is a master of interpreting clients ideas and creating American Traditional tattoos to depict the clients brief.

This tattoo combines Scott’s amazing vision with his many years of tattoo experience.

I had so much fun with this piece. Bold lines and solid colour never fail to impress

Scott Eastlake
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