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Outlines completed on this American Traditional back tattoo

This was a huge first session on this American Traditional back tattoo by Deepak Munsami.

This client is a popular shout caster and former professional gamer for online gaming and is in Australia on a 6 month contract. Initailly the client had wanted to incorporate characters from the games she played into a back piece. However after discussions on the suitability, and readabilty of the design Deepak decided that he could not do the tattoo

After one month the client messaged Deepak back and finally understood the tattoo design process and decided to give Deepak free reign on designing a back tattoo for her.

After a few more weeks of consults,emails and phone calls it was decided that Deepak would design a piece to reflect the clients American heritage and pay homage to her love of the sea.

Deepak used classic American Traditional elements to create what is going to be an amazing piece.

The first session took 6 hours to draw and tattoo. This tattoo shall be continued in a few weeks.


We look forward to sending another big tattoo overseas once it is completed.

I call this one “Calm before the storm”. Looking forward to doing my first American Traditional back piece

Deepak Munsami
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