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Great start on this Japanese Buddha and Koi sleeve by Deepak

This is the third session on this Japanese Buddha Koi sleeve by Deepak Munsami.

This client has been following Deepak’s work from the UK and happened to travel this year to Sydney for a working holiday. The initial consultation began on email and after a few exchanges the client decided on a Buddha and koi as main elements.

Deepak was given free reign to design a tattoo that would be original, colourful and represent a personal story of the clients life.

The outlines we completed in one session over 6 hours. Shading started 2 months after the outlines as the client was away travelling again. The background shading was completed over 2 days. There will be another 1 month before the colour starts next session.

We are looking forward to seeing the end result of this piece and seeing it fly of across the seas to another land.

It still amazes me that client’s follow my work from overseas and make it a point to get tattooed by me in Sydney. Truly a humbling experience.

Deepak Munsami
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