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Great start on this Dragon and Tiger sleeve by Deepak

Great start to this Japanese Dragon and Tiger sleeve and chest plate by Deepak Munsami.

This is the clients second tattoo and he wanted to a sleeve to represent obstacles he has overcome in his life. The clients brief included that the design contain a dragon and be colourful.

Deepak placed the dragon on the upper arm and paired in with a tiger. Traditional Japanese elements include pairing dragons and tigers with peony flowers.

The choice to use the traditional skull on the chest is a reminder of the mortality of humans and serves as a reminder on how fleeting life can be.

The outlines were carried out over 2 consectutive days and took 7 hours in total. We look forward to seeing the progress on this piece over the next few months.

I am so proud of my client for sitting this epic outline over 2 days.

Deepak Munsami
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