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The start of a Japanese body suit by Deepak Munsami consisting of a crane, tiger and koi.

Amazing start to a Japanese body suit by Deepak Munsami.

The clients brief was to create a body suit that would be powerful and bold, whilst being hidden when he wore everyday clothes.

After numerous consultations with the client, it was decided that the suit would begin with front torso half. Traditionally a body suit would be started from the back, but as this is the clients first tattoo, he wanted to be able to see his first tattoo.

Deepak designed the tattoo in a way to reflect the natural order of water, land and air. Hence the koi on the leg, tiger on the torso and red headed crane on the chest.

The addition of cherry blossoms throughout the tattoo creates subtle colour to compliment the dark bold background and main images.

Deepak and his client will continue this body suit journey next year.

Bold and powerful. Every element of this tattoo was designed to compliment and enhance the clients body

Deepak Munsami
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