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Mind-blowing realistic koala tattoo by Mikael Ramgard.

Mikael Ramgard created this outstanding realistic koala tattoo in a marathon nine hour session. Mikael is known for his high contrast realism tattoos that ensures the tattoo has enough black saturation and negative space to age well in years to come.

The client was on holidays in Sydney from Florida and wanted a memento of her stay here. After a consultation with Mikael they decided to tattoo an Australian icon.

Since this tattoo has been posted, it has become an internet sensation. It continues to be one of the most viewed and liked koala tattoos on the internet.

Congratulations to Mikael for creating this amazing tattoo, an even bigger congratulations to his client for sitting the marathon session to get this completed in one day.

I put my heart and soul into this piece. I am so proud of my client for sitting this in one session.

Mikael Ramgard
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